Metro recently announced a new customer website for Blue/Yellow line customers that will be affected by platform reconstruction work this summer. The Braddock Road, King Street, Eisenhower Ave, Huntington, Van Dorn Street, and Franconia-Springfield stations will be closed from Saturday, May 25 to Monday, September 2, 2019, to allow for around-the-clock work. Metro "plans an extensive network of free express and local shuttle bus services to help customers get around the region during construction."

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Monday, January 28, 2019

Today, twenty-five educators in State Senate District 35 announced the formation of ‘Educators for Saslaw’, a group in support of Senate Democratic Leader Dick Saslaw’s reelection. “Since my first election to the Virginia Senate, I’ve been an outspoken advocate for public education,” said Senate Democratic Leader Dick Saslaw. “I’m proud to earn the support of so many educators from across the 35th District and I vow to continue fighting for them and their students in the General Assembly.” 

Save the date for the Fairfax County General Assembly Delegation Pre-2019 Session Public Hearing. Saturday, January 5 at 9am in the boardroom of the FFX Co. Government Center. Residents wishing to sign up for a 3-minute speaker slot may do so beginning today using the link on this page.

The winter weather season is upon us and it is only a matter of time before winter weather affects our region. VDOT recently shared an informative presentation on how the department plans for and executes pre-storm treatments and post-storm snow removal. That presentation is available here.

The December Richmond Report is available on Falls Church News-Press.

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December is a particularly busy month that is packed with holiday celebrations and a number of meetings for members of the General Assembly. Engaged constituents reach out to share their concerns and/or support for potential legislation and funding matters. Many of the interim study groups and commissions are wrapping up their work along with legislative briefings from various agencies and advocacy groups presenting their legislative priorities for the upcoming session.

The November Richmond Report is available on Falls Church News-Press

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"Every day we are inundated with “breaking news.” Most of it driven by a “tweet storm” that is often untruthful, uncivil, and/or reckless. It’s no coincidence that this divisive rhetoric is provoking and escalating violent behavior. This reaction is unacceptable in our democracy. The ballot box is how we enact change in this country. A tacit blessing of violence via hateful tweets should not be coming from elected leaders. I am grateful for the agencies that are on the job preventing assaults while at the same time they are derided by others. Not only do they keep people out of harm’s way, they uphold the principles the Founding Fathers set forth when this nation was born."

The October "Richmond Report" is now available on Falls Church News-Press. In this month's report, I discuss judicial nominations and then highlight some of the many initiatives underway to help Virginia become the best-educated state in the nation by 2030.

Clip: "I support need-based financial aid and staunchly advocate for higher education in general. This latest budget reflects those long-held priorities with roughly $120.6 million general fund of new initiative funding over the biennium for colleges and universities and other higher education entities and centers and $20 million for a new research initiative called Cyber-X with Virginia Tech serving as the lead institution.

The Cyber-X initiative will be housed here in Northern Virginia. There will be additional opportunities for today’s high school and college students to gain an education and work experiences in this area to prepare to take jobs."

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Metro has announced major impacts to Orange, Blue, and Silver line trains effective August 11-26, 2018.

Please see the highlights of the release below:

- Silver Line trains will operate between Wiehle-Reston East and Largo Town Center every 20 minutes at all times.
- Orange Line trains will operate between Vienna and New Carrollton every 20 minutes at all times.
- Blue Line trains will operate between Franconia-Springfield and Arlington Cemetery every 16 minutes during rush hour periods; every 12 minutes midday and evenings; every 20 minutes after 10 p.m.
- During rush hour, additional Yellow Line trains will operate between Franconia-Springfield and Greenbelt every 16 minutes for added capacity into D.C ., and to accommodate Blue Line customers traveling between Virginia and Downtown D.C.
- No rail or bus service between Rosslyn and Arlington Cemetery. Use the Yellow Line and transfer to/from the Orange or Silver lines at L'Enfant Plaza.

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July Richmond Report

July 1 marked the start of Virginia’s fiscal year and the date that non-emergency legislation became law. This week is also the commemoration of the founding of our Nation. The Fourth of July is a day of celebration marked by parades, festivities, and fireworks. We celebrate the freedoms and the democracy our forefathers cherished and enshrined in our Constitution. They created our democratic form of government based on the rule of law. Their foresight has ensured a democracy that has stood the test of time.

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On May 30, the General Assembly passed a bipartisan budget bill that included Medicaid expansion for hundreds of thousands of Virginians in need of access to healthcare. This was a long-overdue legislative action, and helps lift the burden from those who often have to decide between managing a chronic illness or feeding a child in the home. In the last five years we have left billions of dollars behind for use by the 31 other states that have embraced the Affordable Care Act. This is a solid measure that brings back Virginia’s federal taxpayer dollars.

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