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I am honored to have the privilege of representing you in the Senate of Virginia. Serving constituents in the 35th District is a responsibility that I take very seriously. I hope you will find this website useful to communicate with me about legislative matters of concern and issues facing our community. Together we can keep Virginia moving forward in a positive fashion.

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I urge my Senate colleagues to take action on a national problem that far exceeds what occurs in other western societies. The murder rate per 100,000 in this country is 10 times greater than in comparable industrialized democracies. Military-style weapons are in the hands of civilians in America. We are 4.6% of the world’s population but we are home to 43% of all guns not currently held by the military or police. In the absence of the federal government taking action, the states are going to have to react or the voters will.


I don’t normally respond to innocent misspeaks, but when a misspeak is so egregious and misleading, I can’t let it go. Last week, both the House and Senate revealed its plan for how to spend Virginia taxpayer’s money. In a 200-plus page document, several floor amendments were introduced. With the simple majorities, they failed. I stated on the floor and I will repeat it – the Senate proposal, which does not incorporate federal dollars for Medicaid, has significant repercussions for all other aspects of the General Fund. Public education and higher education take significant hits.

However, the real work begins when the conference committee is put together and both chambers stake their claims. If only putting together a biennial spending plan for Virginia was as simple as some neophytes would like you to believe...

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