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I am honored to have the privilege of representing you in the Senate of Virginia. Serving constituents in the 35th District is a responsibility that I take very seriously. I hope you will find this website useful to communicate with me about legislative matters of concern and issues facing our community. Together we can keep Virginia moving forward in a positive fashion.

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This session feels like déjà vu because once again, Virginia is being deliberately dragged to the politically extreme. We have become fodder for late-night comedians and a perennial national laughing stock. From the New York Times to the San Francisco Chronicle and back to Comedy Central, the Commonwealth is in the national spotlight.

So far this legislative session has been marked by continued Republican overreach and a return to the same controversial topics that we’ve dealt with in the past. Despite the evenly split Senate 20 Democrats and 20 Republicans the Lt. Governor (a Republican) breaks the tie votes and with Republican stacked committees important pieces of legislation are prevented from coming to the floor while they force their Tea Party-inspired legislation through the General Assembly.

Senator Saslaw Criticizes Republican Transportation Plan

SB1355 is a bad deal for Virginia

Richmond, VA – Yesterday Senate Democratic Leader Dick Saslaw (35th District) voiced his strong opposition to SB 1355 during a meeting of the Senate Finance Committee. Saslaw compared the bill to putting a mink coat on a pig and questioned why the Senate Republicans failed to  improve the bill in committee.

SB 1355 will eliminate the gas tax, which goes directly to fund Virginia’s transportation needs and ensures that those using the roads are paying to maintain them. In its current form, the bill will raise the state sales tax and force Virginia consumers to make up the funding shortfall.

“This bill is like putting a mink coat on a pig,” said Senator Saslaw. “We need to be honest with Virginians about what this bill really does. This is nowhere near what we need to solve our transportation problems and undermines any attempt at a long-term solution. This proposal will force all Virginians to pay more and give a free ride to out-of-state drivers who will no longer have to pay the gas tax.”

The proposed legislation will provide a tax break to out-of-state drivers, who account for 30% of the miles traveled on Virginia’s roadways. Additionally, SB1355 will place the burden of transportation funding squarely on the shoulders of Virginians through an increase in the sales tax. Those who do not currently drive or own a car will be hit the hardest.



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