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I am honored to have the privilege of representing you in the Senate of Virginia. Serving constituents in the 35th District is a responsibility that I take very seriously. I hope you will find this website useful to communicate with me about legislative matters of concern and issues facing our community. Together we can keep Virginia moving forward in a positive fashion.

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The General Assembly has completed its 2017 legislative session. The House of Delegates will be up for election in November along with the statewide offices of Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General. Being an election year, at times it was painful to listen to the debate, as well as view the content of proposals. The good news is that campaigns afford the public an in-depth look at the candidates. Those in office have a voting record that defines the kind of elected official they are. I believe the ballot box is the perfect solution for term limits and electoral corrections.

Weekly Update From The General Assembly

The 2017 session has come to a close.

For a short session, we achieved a lot. April 5th will be veto day, where the House and Senate reconvene to vote on measures the Governor did not sign into law. If the House of Delegates gets a supermajority (two-thirds of those present) they can override any vetoes. If all 100 members are present it takes 67 votes to override, and the Republicans number only 66, this overrides should be few and far between. Many bills made it through and will be signed by the Governor, including the biennial budget.

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