On the Issues

Dick Saslaw has spearheaded the charge in making Virginia a great place to do business. He has consistently worked to preserve and enhance Virginia’s strong business climate. In recent years Virginia has been named one of the top states for business. Senator Saslaw serves on the Commerce and Labor Committee, and his stewardship has kept Virginia on its solid economic foundation. Dick Saslaw has supported key investments that have served as catalysts for job creation across the Commonwealth. It is no secret that by keeping costs low, having an educated work force, and investing in infrastructure, businesses thrive. 

As a small business owner, he understands the unique link between a vibrant economy and an effective transportation system.  Senator Saslaw is committed to creating a strong business climate by working to reduce gridlock on our roads and making strategic investments in mass transit. He has always been focused on making Virginia a more attractive place to live and work.

Senator Saslaw has earned a reputation for his long record of fiscally disciplined leadership on the Senate Finance Committee. Since 2008, he has continued to serve as a key budget negotiator, and has worked across party lines to pass balanced budgets as constitutionally required. With a “pay as you go” philosophy, Dick has led the way to keep future generations from carrying the burden of present spending.

Virginia has been recognized as the best place to raise a child due to the available opportunities for future success. Senator Saslaw believes that a strong public education system is the key to a productive work force and a strong economy in the 21st Century.  Dick Saslaw supported increased funding for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programs in local schools in order to keep Virginia on the leading edge of today's global economy.  He has worked for smaller class sizes, state-of-the-art classroom technology, and more funding for school construction.

Dick Saslaw has led the fight for necessary transportation funding for our region. He serves on the Senate Finance Subcommittee on Transportation, and continues to work in a bi-partisan fashion to make sure that Northern Virginia receives the funding it needs in order to meet its transportation needs. He has been a long time advocate for making critical investments in transportation infrastructure that will reduce gridlock. He strongly believes that Virginia must expand the use of mass transit, increase efficiency, and keep up with the maintenance of existing projects. Northern Virginians know how congested our roadways are, and that’s why Senator Saslaw has continued to support vital projects like Rail to Dulles and HOT Lanes on I-495, I-395, and I-95. He has voted to speed up much needed transportation projects in Northern Virginia, in order to get more people out of their cars and on to mass transit.

Dick Saslaw serves on the Senate Courts of Justice Committee, which is responsible for legislation dealing with public safety. The Senator has been one of the strongest advocates for measures that will make our neighborhoods safer. Senator Saslaw has been recognized by law enforcement for his strong public safety record. He has worked to protect our community by creating drug-free school zones and enacting “three-strikes and you're out” legislation, which mandates that repeat violent offenders who enter the prison system three times will automatically be given life sentences. He supported the ban on synthetic marijuana and voted for legislation that will crack down on sex offenders who prey on Virginia’s youth.