Richmond Times-Dispatch. "Lawmakers sustain McAuliffe vetoes on hot-button issues"

By Jim Nolan. 4/21/2016.


“I’m proud that we have sustained every veto to come before the Senate since the start of Gov. McAuliffe’s term — but these bills should never have been introduced in the first place,” said Senate Minority Leader Richard L. Saslaw, D-Fairfax.


A selection of 2016 Session floor speeches 








Falls Church News-Press. "Senator Dick Saslaw’s Richmond Report"

By Dick Saslaw. 4/6/2016.


The biggest by-product from this year’s session is a new biennial budget. And without a doubt, this is the best biennial budget we have seen in some time. Growing revenues allowed legislators to make critical investments in our workforce, public education and higher education.


Falls Church News-Press. "Senator Dick Saslaw’s Richmond Report"

By Dick Saslaw. 3/3/2016.


We are moving toward adjournment in a rapid stride to the finish. March 12 is the scheduled close of the 2016 General Assembly. Many bills are waiting to be voted on, and the debates continue in committee and on the floor. Reconciling the amendments to the budget bill are the top priority these days.


The Virginia-Pilot. "The Case for GO Virginia"

By Bryan K. Stephens. 2/14/2016.


The Collaborative Jobs Development Act — patroned by Sen. Frank Ruff and Sen. Dick Saslaw in the Senate and Del. Tim Hugo, Del. Matthew James and Del. Randy Minchew in the House — encourages collaboration rather than competition on economic development.



Falls Church News-Press. "Senator Dick Saslaw’s Richmond Report"

By Dick Saslaw. 2/4/2016.


Look for the budget to dominate the debate for the duration of the session. In December, Governor McAuliffe presented his biennial budget of $106 billion over two fiscal years to the General Assembly. The legislature has now submitted budget amendments exceeding $2.3 billion related to the general fund. The heavy work is in front of us as we reconcile priorities. Both the House of Delegates and the Senate must ultimately vote on a two year spending plan. According to Virginia’s Constitution, the biennial budget must balance.


WVTF Public Radio. “Lawmakers Aim to Overturn Governor's Gun Orders

By Sandy Hausman. 1/26/2016.


But Senator Dick Saslaw points out that the governor was just enforcing a law that enjoyed bi-partisan support when the legislature approved it.

“I got news for you. Y’all voted for that law," he told colleagues on the Senate floor.  "Well not you all," he added, " but the people who were here before you.  They voted for it.  They had to have the same requirements we had.”

And Saslaw notes some states that enjoyed reciprocity have done a poor job of screening those who got concealed carry permits.

“Apparently Florida, as of 2006, had already handed out 1,400 concealed weapon permits to citizens who had criminal records – 218 outstanding warrants including 14 wanted for murder.”




Falls Church News Press. “With Pro & Con Advocates Both There, Guns Dominate Town Hall

By Nicholas Benton. 1/20/2016.


Saslaw spoke to the terrible irony of opposition to the extension of the Affordable Care Act to Medicaid in Virginia, something the Republicans in rural parts of the state, in particular, have been responsible for. In the poorest parts of the state, where these Republicans hold sway, the life expectancy is 65 compared to 81 in Northern Virginia, Saslaw said, adding that 20 percent of babies in the rural areas are born with opiate addictions, a third of the population smokes in Grundy and Buchanan counties and 40 to 50 percent of adults are “morbidly obese.”




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