Virginia has been recognized as the best place to raise a child due to the available opportunities for future success. Senator Saslaw believes that a strong public education system is the key to a productive workforce and a strong economy. Dick Saslaw supported increased funding for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programs in local schools in order to prepare Virginia’s students for the careers of the 21st Century. He has worked for smaller class sizes, state-of-the-art classroom technology, and more funding for school construction.

Saslaw believes that appropriate funding for public education is a core responsibility of state government. In the Senate, he has protected K-12 schools from reckless cuts. Recognizing the value of early education, Dick supports funding for pre-K learning. The Senator continues working to ensure that every Virginian can have a quality education that is affordable and accessible. In RIchmond, Dick Saslaw leads the fight to fund our institutions of higher education adequately so that Virginia students are not forced to graduate with a crippling mountain of loan debt. Business leaders across Virginia advocate for a skilled workforce to keep competitive in the global economy and support these efforts.  

In 2013, Senator Saslaw was named legislator of the year by the non-partisan Virginia Education Association for his commitment to improving education. The Senator understands that a quality education is vital to achieving economic success in Virginia. In the General Assembly, his goal has been to reduce the number of tests our kids take and ensure our daughters and sons are prepared for the careers of tomorrow. Senator Saslaw worked closely with his Democratic colleagues and the Governor to increase pay for Virginia teachers.




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