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2018 HosPAC Healthcare Hero Award

The HosPAC Hero Award recognizes state legislators who epitomize leadership, advocacy, and dedication to the mission of the Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association in the community and the Virginia General Assembly.


"We are deeply appreciative of your leadership in securing the funding increase for Early STEM Model programs. This increase represents additional services for thousands of students and teachers, and will allow expansion to districts in great need of additional student and teacher support. We at Wolf Trap deeply value your ongoing friendship and support."

- Arvind Manocha, President and CEO of Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts



2018 Virginia Legislative Leader for making consveration a priority



"Senator Saslaw believes as we do; public education is a pillar of our democracy. As teachers have seen it under relentless attack in the General Assembly for years. For years teachers and public school advocates have counted on Senator Saslaw to be our trusted leader in the Senate against education policy governed by the mass standardized testing of children; against the privatization of public education; against systematic under funding, against the demonization and de-professionalization of teachers; and against for-profit management of public schools.

For years we have worked with and seen Seantor Saslaw fight for:

- High-quality public education for all children that nurtures a joy of teaching and learning.
- Access to early childhood care and education for all families, including the supports they need.
- Access to affordable and excellent higher education.
- The resources and staffing our schools need. That means a safe, effective, healthy learning environment with the highly effective teacher in every classroom.
- Properly funded and dependable public services and programs that meet the needs of our communities.
- Safeguarding our retirement security."

Barry Weinstein, American Federation of Teachers








 Virginia Education Association

"The budget in Virginia hangs in the balance and it has never been more important to have Senator Dick Saslaw fighting for our public schools. The Virginia Education Association knows that Senator Saslaw will do everything in his power to push the Senate to expand Medicaid and to invest the state savings into Virginia’s vital programs, especially public education. Senator Saslaw has always stood with teachers and fought for a strong a public education for every child in Virginia. He has also long stood firm against policies that are proven not to work, that weaken public education, and that strips scarce funding from our schools. This year is no different. We know that he will be fighting for us, our schools, and our communities as the House and Senate work on a compromise budget. We know our friend, Senator Dick Saslaw, will do what is right for our public schools and he will do what is right for our teachers and public-school employees. We have learned that we can count on him; he won’t let us down."







 Ida Kay Jordan

"It will be interesting to hear Saslaw’s ideas about the problem. It’s baffled many brilliant people in the area and stifled some of the hardest-working citizens. It’s good to hear the senator speak up with a fresh and frank voice."


Virginia Department for Aging & Rehabilitative Services

"Thank you for your advocacy that resulted in this welcomed addition to the array of services in our state's aging network."

"Dear Senator Saslaw,

Without your leadership during this past session we would never have accomplished what we did for public education. The veto session was further evidence of that. 95% of our "bad bills" were either defeated in committee, on the floor, or through the sustained veto.

Thank you!"



"On behalf of thousands of college students across the Commonwealth, we want to thank you for the incredibly positive steps the General Assembly took this year to address funding for higher education.

Virginia21 and our members across the commonwealth thank you sincerely for your leadership on this issue, your support for students, and for your vote of confidence in Virginia's public higher education system."



"The Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association recognizes Senator Dick Saslaw for his leadership, advocacy, and dedication to the mission of VHHA in his community and the Virginia General Assembly."




"Senator Saslaw fully understands how to get results in Richmond. The sheriff's always count on him to cut right through all the rhetoric and expose an accurate picture of the status on any situation. When he speaks, I always am thinking 'OK here goes the real story.' Thanks Senator Saslaw for a job well done."

John W. Jones
Executive Director, Virginia Sheriffs' Association



Northern Virginia business leaders.



NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia



Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington Action Fund



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